What’s Your Dad’s Chocolate Personality?

Father’s Day is a special day on which we can say thanks to our dads for all the advice they give; the spiders they kill; the “funny” jokes they tell; the secrets they keep; the jars they open; and showing us how to be incredible people. But before you race out to stock up on bundles of chocolate for your dad, find out which sweet treat suits him best.



  1. Markgavin SYLVESTER


    • Beyers Chocolates

      Definitely a winner Mark!

  2. Justine Burgess

    My Dad is definitely the Creative Dad. He is an excellent Chef and is very cultured! He Loves Cherry Liqueurs!

    • Beyers Chocolates

      Hi Justine! No creative dad can resist our cherry liqueurs 😉

  3. Michelle Wright

    The Sporty dad , always keeping fit and loves his sports .

    • Beyers Chocolates

      Sounds like a great guy Michelle! 🙂

  4. janine

    My dads definitely a sporty guy lol

    • Beyers Chocolates

      We hope you got him the gift to match 🙂

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