Beyers Mission

At Beyers Chocolates we love what we do and we’re passionate about making the best quality chocolate. This is why the concept of the heart is so important to us, and it’s the core of everything we do.

The Heart of Chocolate


Heart and Soul

Beyers Chocolates are made with a generous amount of love and passion. We pour our hearts into every single chocolate that we create and we believe this makes them taste memorable.


Expert Knowledge

We believe that exceptional quality is the result of both passion and expertise. We never stop learning and are committed to passing on the knowledge we acquire, so that our staff are able to produce the finest chocolate in South Africa.



There is an immense amount of creativity involved in producing confectionery works of art that are designed to appeal to your senses. We are exceptionally proud of our handcrafted edible masterpieces.



Only the best ingredients are sourced from companies with a 100% sustainable cocoa supply chain. Our commitment to our customers is that every product we produce consistently meets the high standards of food safety regulations.


Trusted Team

Our strength lies in our staff. Each team member is dedicated to making Beyers Chocolates the most successful confectionery company in South Africa. Because we work together we are able to create the confectionery that you love.