Easter fun

Easter is a delicious and beautiful time – it’s filled with school and public holidays, family and friend get-togethers and chocolate. Such good chocolate. So, we thought we’d share fun and delicious activities to keep the kids (and adults) entertained.

Egg and spoon race

Give each child a spoon and a hard-boiled egg and let them race across the backyard (this is an excellent method to burn energy). Hold a couple of races to determine the overall winner; the winner gets a chocolate bunny while the other attendees receive an Easter egg each. To make the race even tastier (and save your eggs) try our Beyers Egg and Spoon pack.

Easter egg hunt

Unfortunately, for this activity, you’ll need to get up before your kids. Once you’re up, hide chocolate eggs in the house or garden. While you’re hiding the eggs, just keep in mind that dogs are allergic to chocolate. Now, wake the kids up and watch them search. To make things easier (and avoid any sibling rivalry) give each child a specific colour to search for.

Secret bunny basket

Share the Easter joy. Help your kids to pack a delicious Easter basket filled with treats. Once you’ve got the basket packed and ready, let them give it to someone special or an unprivileged child.

Easter egg toss

Line all the kids (and adults) up it two rows, make sure each person has a partner across from them. Now, each pair needs to toss a chocolate egg between them. If they drop the egg, the pair is out. After each round, the pairs need to move further apart until there is only one pair left.

Bunny hop

For this game, you’ll need sacks, bunny ears, a big chocolate bunny and chocolate eggs. This is another brilliant energy burner game. Line all the kids up and have them hop across to a finish line. The winner will get the chocolate bunny, and all the other participants will get eggs.

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