Enjoy a chocolatey date

Are you tired of celebrating Valentine’s Day with the usual “dinner and a movie” date plan? It’s time to spruce it up with chocolate. Not only is chocolate utterly delicious, smooth, rich and luxurious to nibble on, but it also has aphrodisiac properties. That’s right eating chocolate can produce a feeling better than kissing.

But we’ll stop teasing you now – here are delicious chocolate date ideas.


Hold a MasterChef night where your secret ingredient is chocolate. You each pick a dish (starter, main or dessert) to make and enjoy a scrumptious and romantic dinner. Afterwards you rate each other’s dishes and the one with the most points, gives the other one a massage.

Chocolate hop

It’s like bar hopping, but for chocolate instead of cocktails. Find a map of your town or city, sit down with your partner and mark all places with the most delicious chocolate treats you want to try; from chocolate shops to restaurants – anything chocolate related. Then spend the day (or the weekend, depending on how many places you find) trying all the goodness, while exploring your town.

Fantastic fondue

Set out different treats such as strawberries, marshmallows or brownies, melt some of your favourite slabs in a fondue set or the microwave and set out skewers. Now you can feed each other delicious bits while whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Chocolate pairing

Buy an array of different chocolate slabs or treats with different fillings or cocoa percentages as well as some of your favourite wines. We suggest both white and red wines as they bring out different flavours when paired with chocolate. Now drink a sip of wine, try a piece of chocolate and see what combination your palate favours.

The kissing game

Buy a mixed chocolate box, then scratch out the chocolate names on the back and replace them with places where you want to be kissed, such as the kitchen. Put all the chocolates in a bowl and see where you need to go for that special kiss every time you pick a sweet treat to eat.

On your own

Sometimes the best date to be on is with yourself. So buy yourself a sweet treat, put on a good movie, pour a glass of vino and just be with you. Because you’re awesome.

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Information source: Becoming his Eve

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