Get your winter chocolate fix

Doesn’t it sometimes seem that regardless of how warm you dress or how close you huddle up, winter’s chill always find a way to reach you? If you are struggling with winter-warmer ideas, then we have just what you need. Four decadent recipe ideas that’ll not only warm up your body, but with chocolate so good it’ll definitely warm up your soul too.

Sweetie Pie Pancake

Pancakes are the perfect solution for those cold, cloudy days, where you just want to curl up in your blankets and watch a movie or read a book. Why not add a little love to your cold refuge with a Sweetie Pie? Find out how to make these special Sweetie Pie Pancakes here.

Banana Bread Jaffles

What do you get when South African favourites come together? Happiness. Warm up your heart this winter with banana bread and Beyers Caramel Dream Bears in jaffle form. You can find the recipe for these happy memory triggers here.


If you’re after a quick heat-me-up then cup-a-cake is just what the weatherman ordered. In only 3 minutes you will be able to have your freshly baked cake and eat it too. What’s even better, these little delights are packed full of oomph with our Beyers Amarula Fudge.

Hot Chocolate

After a long day out and about in the cold, you deserve to treat yourself (and your mind) to a mug of steamy, chocolaty deliciousness. You’ll find that there is nothing that gives sweeter dreams than a Beyer’s hot chocolate before bed.

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