Here’s to a delicious weekend!

We had one of the best weekends of 2016! We celebrated our great and colourful nation on Heritage Day and met all the Capetonian chocolate lovers at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo.

We held four chocolate demonstrations every day, and once again they were, we’re just going to say it, masterpieces. There were so many spectators that we ran out of seating and most people ended up standing in the back or along the sides. The crowd’s amazing energy spilt over to the presenters making the shows truly spectacular.

Our recipes were received with tonnes of enthusiasm and the guests just couldn’t wait to taste our delightful treats after each session. We demonstrated how to make our cocoa dusted ganache truffles and top loaded lolly pops, how to decorate chocolate cakes with a glossy chocolate glaze, and how to pipe stunning chocolate decorations.

We were also honoured with some assistance out of the audience, and we were pleasantly surprised by how knowledgeable these kids are in the kitchen. We can’t wait to see these future chocolatiers will do.

But the dish, we believe, made the weekend was our delicious, sticky chocolate braai pudding. The pudding includes our delightful Sweetie Pies and our Caramel Dream Bear. It was the perfect Heritage Weekend dessert!

We also brought our life-size Caramel Dream Bear with us, and man is that guy loved. Young and old – everyone wanted a photo with our delicious mascot.

It truly was an incredible weekend, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated in making it such a special event. We’ll definitely be back next year!

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