How-to guide to enjoying chocolates

Receiving a box of chocolates is an amazing gift. The deliciousness, the sweetness, the variety – pure joy. But have you ever paid attention to how you eat it? We did extensive research, and after many weeks of testing and comparing results, we can finally share our method for optimum chocolate enjoyment.

Now, we’re not saying that there’s a right or a wrong way to enjoy a box of chocolates, but we have found that these steps capture the chocolate-bliss more accurately.

1. Selection
This is an incredibly important first step. Although, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a less than perfect chocolate box, finding the correct one can really set the mood. Pour over all the different options available to you, ensuring that you pick the most appealing box or the box that is best suited to your giftee (gifting yourself with a box of chocolate is very acceptable).

2. Mood
One of the beautiful things about chocolates is that you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime. But a selection box is something special, and should be enjoyed accordingly. So take a moment for yourself, put on your favourite music, pour a glass of sherry (you will also need a glass of water or a slice of lemon), and sit back and relax.

3. Testing
Now that you have the right box and the right mood. It’s time to test the little treasures. Have a taste of all the doubles to determine which you enjoy more. Just remember that you should clean your palate after each one to ensure the purest tasting. Hence, the glass of water or the slice of lemon.

4. Order
Once you’ve determined your favourites (yes, we know you love all your children equally, but some do taste better than others), start with your least favourite and nibble your way to the favourite. This way you end your box on the highest note possible.

5. Storage
Never store chocolates in the fridge, room temperature is best to keep your chocolatey gems fresh and in pristine shape. Also, don’t pack them away in your cupboard, as you might forget about them. Leave them on your coffee table or bedside table, so you can easily reach them when your soul calls for a delight.

6. Sharing
You’ve heard that saying “you can’t share happiness without getting some yourself”? It’s true. As amazing as indulging in your very own chocolately treat is, sharing the moment with a loved one makes it even more special. Call a friend, your kid or your partner and share a joyous moment and compare notes on which delights are the best.

It doesn’t matter if you gobble your chocolate box up in one sitting, if you share it with your loved ones or if you can savour it for a month, at Beyers Chocolates you’ll find a great variety of chocolate boxes. We have something for everyone and any occasion, just visit our online store, factory store or any major retailer to find the perfect chocolatey gift box.

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