How to pick the perfect chocolate gift for Mother’s Day

Where would we be without our mothers? They nurture us, shape us, love us and grow us into the people we are today. So, when it comes to recognising and celebrating the role your mother plays in your life, Mother’s Day is the ideal day to do it. Show her just how much she means to you with a fabulous box of chocolates – whether she’s a fan of rich desserts or a champagne connoisseur, fine quality chocolate is sure to thrill her taste buds.

“Chocolate is never the wrong size or the wrong colour, which makes it the perfect gift for a beloved mom, grandmother or aunt on Mother’s Day”, says Kees Beyers, founder and CEO of Beyers Chocolates. “Sales of our premium gift box collections and hand-crafted truffles always soar over Mother’s Day, which proves that chocolate is a firm favourite when it comes to spoiling moms”, continues Beyers.

So how does one go about selecting that perfect box of chocs for mom? “There’s a big difference between any old chocolate and a carefully-chosen chocolate gift that will make someone feel truly special”, says Beyers. Here are Beyers’ top tips on how to choose a chocolate gift that will make your mother’s heart melt:

Think about colour

Some women prefer the intensity of dark chocolate while others prefer creamy milk varieties. “Younger people tend to prefer milk or white chocolate, rather than semisweet or bittersweet. These chocolates might be too sweet for an older recipient”, says Beyers. So, your mother might prefer white or milk chocolate while your grandmother loves the darker varieties. “The demand for dark chocolate has definitely grown over the last few years, making it a popular choice if you are gift shopping”, continues Beyers.

Opt for quality

Whether you shop in a supermarket, a specialty store or online, you’ll soon realise that chocolates come in a bewildering variety of prices and flavors. “When it comes to chocolate, price is an indication of the quality you’re getting, so when you are gift shopping, splash out and buy the most expensive chocolates you can afford”, suggests Beyers.

Factor in preferences

Think for a moment about whether mom is a fan of fruit, coffee, caramel, mint, nuts, ginger, orange, or liqueurs. Is she generally adventurous when it comes to food or does she prefer classic combinations? That will tell you whether you can walk on the wild side with your choice of chocolate (with chillies or salt, for instance) or if you should stick to the more classic combinations (chocolate-orange, chocolate-coffee, chocolate-hazelnut).

Look for the love

We may live in a time of fast foods, but there is always a place for fine, hand-crafted chocolates made with time, care and love. Beyers Chocolates is proof of this, “All our chocolates are hand-crafted and we devote a great deal of time to developing limited editions and special, unique recipes for our chocolates.”

But suppose that you’re not 100% sure of your mom’s likes or dislikes when it comes to chocolate? Beyers has the answer, “Remember that chocolate is all about feeling good. It invites you to forget about your cares for a few minutes, share something special with those you love and explore new flavours. Even if you’re totally off the mark with your gift, it’s not the end of the world – chances are your mom will try it and discover that it’s delicious.”

On that note, pass the chocies, please!

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