How to store your chocolate in summer

Long toasty days, swimming, shorts, ice cream, strawberries – there are so many splendid things about summer! Unfortunately, one of the major disappointments is that chocolate melts too quickly in the heat. That is why we’ve prepared this how-to guide to help you enjoy your chocolate to the fullest!

Dark and dry are best

Pantries are the best place to store chocolate as they are cool, dry and dark. You can take it up a notch and store your treats in a tin or small dark container. When chocolate’s exposed to moisture, it will start to break down, causing the sugar to bloom (the white stains you sometimes find on older chocolate). Hence, if you must store your chocolate in the fridge, keep it in containers and bags that won’t accumulate moisture.

Be temperature wise

The optimal temperature at which you should eat chocolate is 18-21°C. However, if you are storing chocolate, it should be between 13 and 18°C, just below European room temperature. Air conditioners or even a good fan should be able to maintain the desired temperature.

Stay out of the cold

If you do keep your chocolate in the fridge (in a moisture-free container), you want to let it warm up to room temperature before eating it. Warm (room temperature) chocolate releases its full flavour and richness in a way cold chocolate cannot.

Keep it fresh

We know this doesn’t happen too often in chocoholic homes, but always eat your chocolate within a year. Chocolate older than a year, especially purer chocolate that’s been through fewer processes, will begin to break down and won’t be as tasty.

The centre of things

Although you should keep your chocolate in the pantry, filled chocolates are best stored in the fridge as the other sugar elements also influence the chocolate exterior. Just remember to seal them tightly to protect them against the humidity and moisture.

Know your friends

Be careful where you store chocolate. It’s highly susceptible to strong odours, which can affect the taste. So never store it next to spices, herbs, soaps and detergents, coffee or garlic – nothing with a strong odour or flavour.

Now that you know how to store chocolate correctly, why not treat yourself to a delicious summer moment? Visit Beyers Chocolate online, our factory stores or any major retailer and choose your treats.

Information source: Ashers

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