Inside the Chocolate Factory

While you may have only recently started to think about Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, the Beyers factory team has been in full swing since November 2015 – busy creating 11 million chocolate Easter goodies, including 1.5 million chocolate bunnies. Beyers Chocolates is the only chocolate company with a factory based in South Africa, and the Easter period is their busiest time of the year – busier even than Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Kees Beyers, founder of Beyers Chocolates, says extra hands are brought on board to help with production, “We have some 900 people working over the Easter period and that includes temporary staff. We have a reputation for producing really fine chocolate, so even our temporary staff have to undergo an intense training process before they can work with us.”

At Beyers, the raw ingredients set the tone for the finished product, which is why only high quality raw ingredients are imported from overseas. Beyer is admanat that only the best will do, “Start with superb raw ingredients, add expertise, specialist knowledge and craftsmanship – and you end up with an exceptional product.”

One of those exceptional products is the famous Beyers Giant Easter Bunny – it weighs in at 6.5 kilograms and stands a metre tall – offering many days of delight for lucky recipients.

Beyers enjoys everything about Easter and particularly the family time it offers, “The kids and I always have an Easter treasure hunt which involves lots of competition and lots of laughs. I also get treated to some marzipan – one of my favourite flavours.”

Having begun his training at the tender age of 12 at a confectionary academy in Belgium, Beyers practically has chocolate in his DNA. “I developed an instinct for chocolate, a sense of what was needed to bring a flavour to full bloom. I think that ability has stood me in good stead.”

You only need to bite into a Beyers chocolate to experience that marvellous instinct at work.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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