Meet the Beyers Dream Bear Band

We are thrilled to introduce the newest members of our Beyers Dream Bear Band! That is right, our Dream Bear vocalist, Baxter, now also has a drummer, Brady, and a guitarist, Becca, as part of his team.

But if you think Brady and Becca are only supporting members, you’re sorely mistaken. They bring their own unique flavours to the band. The Beyers Dream Bear Band now proudly includes caramel, vanilla and strawberry flavours.

Baxter Bear, who was launched in 2014, is made of decadent milk chocolate and a gooey caramel centre. Brady Bear is made of ivory white chocolate and filled with sticky vanilla goodness. Becca Bear is made of smooth milk chocolate and a sweet strawberry centre. And together they make up our delicious Beyers Dream Bear Trio.

These flavours were chosen as the next step in our series after conducting extensive market research where children of different ages participated in taste tests. In each test, the majority of participants selected the strawberry and vanilla flavours as their favourites.

The Beyers Dream Bear Band launch is very special to us, as, in addition to new and delicious flavours, the band concept is an exciting element. Creating and developing the band members was an incredibly fun project, and we’re certain children (of every age) will fall in love with the band members.

What’s even better, is that these chocolate bears will add loads of fun to the next birthday party, picnic or as a special treat for your loved ones.

Visit our Beyers Chocolate online shop, factory stores or any major retailers to try out the Beyers Dream Bear Band, and let us know who your favourite is.

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