Beyers Cares

We believe in doing business responsibly

Cocoa is the essential ingredient in chocolate, so if there is no cocoa, there is no chocolate. It’s a fragile crop grown predominantly by smallholder farmers in countries around the equator. To meet chocolate demands, cocoa must be grown in a sustainable way.

Beyers Chocolates only works with companies that ensure a 100% sustainable cocoa supply chain. Our supply base invests in programmes that empower cocoa farmers by providing improved access to agricultural training and other support services. Additionally, the sustainability initiatives help to generate income for these farmers and their families, whilst also safeguarding the environment.

Beyers Chocolates and the Amarula Trust

The exotic, sun-ripened marula fruit is used to make Amarula Cream, one of the world’s favourite cream liqueurs, sold in over 100 countries. Amarula has partnered with Beyers Chocolates to create unique and delicious-tasting treats that capture The Spirit of Africa.

Every time you buy a proudly South African Amarula chocolate, a portion of the price you pay goes towards the not-for-profit Amarula Trust, which supports job creation and promotes conscious conservation. A major focus is the Amarula Elephant Research Programme, which studies elephant behaviour and develops conservation management strategies.

By helping to conserve the natural environment and promote physical and social sustainability, the Trust hopes to leave a living legacy to future generations.


JHB Culinary and Pastry School

Kees Beyers, the company’s master chocolatier, has combined his expert knowledge in working with fine chocolate, and his passion for helping small enterprises, by partnering with the JCPS. The school is located just east of the Joburg CBD, in the trendy Maboneng district. It runs affordable culinary and confectionery courses.

Beyers Chocolates supplies the school with all of their chocolate ingredients, has sponsored a cold room, air-conditioning and has also contributed to structural changes.


HTA School of Culinary Art

As a proudly South African company, Beyers Chocolates believes in investing in the future of our country and in uplifting local communities. All the chocolate ingredients that are used at the HTA School of Culinary Art in Randburg are supplied by Beyers. We are very excited to be associated with the school and we look forward to welcoming new master chocolatiers, who will contribute to the South African confectionery industry.