Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering/Purchasing Queries

Can I order your products online?

Our products are available at selected retail outlets. You can shop our products online at any one of the following retailers: Clicks, Checkers, Checkers Sixty60, Game, Makro, Pick n Pay, Spar and Takealot. *Subject to stock availability. Please check with your local store for stock enquiries.

What are your factory opening hours?

Our factory shop is located at our factory in Kempton park at 28 Derrick Rd, Spartan, Kempton Park, 1619.
Please take note of our operating hours: Monday 8am–5pm Tuesday 8am–5pm Wednesday 8am–5pm Thursday 8am–5pm Friday 8am–5pm Saturday 9am–1pm Sunday – Closed.

Do you have a factory shop in Cape Town?

We no longer have a factory shop in Cape Town. We do, however, have a factory shop located at our factory in Kempton park at 28 Derrick Rd, Spartan, Kempton Park, 1619.

Do you sell chocolates in bulk?

If you would like to purchase any of our products in bulk or as a gifting option, kindly contact Hospitality Foods, our preferred partner. Hospitality Foods supplies Beyers Chocolates, Sweetie Pie, Coach House and Callebaut products direct to the public and offers a wide range of personalised chocolate gifting and bulk chocolates, including decorations and inclusions for baking and catering suppliers. You can reach them at the following number +27 (0) 11 394 0366 or via email: orders@hospitalityfoods.co.za

Allergies, Nutrition & Dietary Restrictions

Are your chocolates Halaal or Kosher?

Some of our products are Halaal certified, but not all chocolates are. Please enquire at customercare@beyerschocs.co.za for more information. All our Sweetie Pie™ Mallow Pie variants have been certified Halaal by the South African National Halaal Authority.

Are Beyers products nut allergen safe?

All our products May contain Peanuts, Tree nuts and Wheat (Gluten). Our manufacturing facility processes products that contain nuts. Therefore, cross-contamination is always a possibility. Although Kees Beyers Chocolates practices thorough cleaning processes, cross-contamination with other products within our factory may occur in rare instances. Please consult your physician for a consumption recommendation.

Does Beyers Chocolates offer sugar-free products?

Beyers Chocolates do not offer any sugar-free products. 

Allergies, Nutrition & Dietary Restrictions

How to store your chocolate:

Our chocolate is heat sensitive, and we recommend that you keep your chocolate at room temperature in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

What is chocolate blooming? 

This term is used when chocolate appears to have dust or streaks across the surface. There are two types of blooming. Fat bloom usually has grey or white stripes on the chocolate’s surface that have a greasy feeling. When chocolate is exposed to warmer temperatures, the cocoa butter in the chocolate will soften and separate from the other ingredients. Once the cocoa butter rises to the surface and re-solidifies, it will create a fat bloom. Fat bloom is the most common type of chocolate blooming and can be misunderstood for chocolate appearing to be old, mouldy or out of date.


What is sugar bloom?

Sugar bloom occurs when the sugar crystals in chocolate are affected by moisture. For example, suppose chocolate is stored in damp conditions such as humidity or subject to condensation from refrigeration. In that case, it will cause the sugar in the chocolate to dissolve and come to the surface. 


General Information And Requests

Do you allow factory tours/visits?

As a co-manufacturer of private label products, our utmost responsibility is to maintain our customers’ privacy and brand integrity.

Access into our factory is strictly limited to a need-to-know basis, associated with a job or assignment only. Any unauthorised disclosure could result in a Breach of Contract with co-manufacturers. Unfortunately, we have recently signed an unannounced audit agreement with co-manufacturers. This thereby indicates that any of our co-manufacturers may audit our site at any given time without giving us prior notice. With this in mind, we can no longer accommodate factory visits and tours.

We hope you will understand our situation and respect our inability to fulfil your request.

Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your message. We consider ourselves an Equal Opportunity Employer and aim to eliminate unfair discrimination in the recruitment and selection of candidates. Please follow the correct job application channels by visiting our website under “Careers” here > https://www.beyerschocolates.com/careers/ 

If we do not have any job opportunities listed, we do not have any vacancies.

Sponsorships and Donations

Our company and its employees are proud to support various important causes. Unfortunately, we receive many more inquiries than we can consider. 

We are passionate and deeply committed to developing South African youth, and we have taken a focused approach to identify certain educational projects. One such initiative is the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School, which trains and develops productive, independent, and employable chefs. Students are offered affordable quality education which allows them an opportunity to have on-the-job training while they study. The objective of the support is to promote sustainable access for the beneficiaries to the economy in the form of income-generating activities. Considering the above, we will unfortunately not be able to contribute any extra worthy causes.


How can I make a complaint?

Please address all your complaints to our customer care line +27 11 394 6892 or customercare@beyerschocs.co.za