6 Chocolate health facts you never knew

Have you heard the saying, “chocolate is made of cocoa, cocoa is a tree, and a tree is a plant, which means chocolate counts as salad”? And we all know salad is good for you. Yes, this might be a stretch, but here are six health benefits you never knew about (and you should). Before we get into the facts, please note, you should always apply moderation, regardless of how good it is for you.

Fact #1: It’s good for your cardiovascular health

One study found that a serving (or two) a week of chocolate can reduce your risk of heart failure by almost a third. Another found that a square of chocolate a day can reduce your blood pressure as well as your risk of a heart attack or a stroke by up to 39%.

This is due to the flavonoids, an antioxidant that can increase your arteries’ and veins’ flexibility, and polyphenols, which increases your good cholesterol and fights bad cholesterol.

Fact #2: It’s good for your kids

There are many pregnant theories out there; although some are more accurate than others. One of them, which has scientific backup, is that if you eat a piece of chocolate every day during your pregnancy, you’ll handle stress better and your baby, once born, will smile more and be happier.

Fact #3: It can help you lose weight

It is not a joke; chocolate can reduce your appetite. A study completed at the University of Copenhagen found that when eating dark chocolate about two hours before your meal, you’ll have fewer cravings for sweet, salty or fatty foods.

Fact #4: It’s a mood booster

A study done is Switzerland found that when eating chocolate, your stress hormone levels decrease (rather significantly) and that stress’s metabolic effects were mitigated to some degree. In addition to these effects, chocolate can also improve your cognitive performance and reduce mental fatigue.

Fact #5: It’s a friend to your skin

If you eat chocolate made from a high flavanol cocoa powder you can reduce your risk of getting sunburnt, improve the blood flow in your skin, increase your skin density and keep your skin better hydrated with a lower transepidermal water loss. This gives your skin a radiant glow.

Fact #6: It helps with a cough

Chocolate contains theobromine, which can suppress activity in the vagus nerve in the brain. This means that chocolate is almost as good as cough medicine but without all the nasty negative side effects.

If all of this is not ample proof that chocolate is good for you, the only thing we can say is: visit our online store, factory stores or any major retailers and try our divine treats. We promise you’ll change your mind from the first bite.

Information source: Bulletproof and Women’s Health

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