Top Indoor Activities for the whole family.

At Beyers, we believe in experiencing joy in small things, like spending quality time with our families. We have a mix of indoor and outdoor games and activities to help beat the quarantine blues!

IndoorPicnic Top Indoor Activities for the whole family. chocolates
Why not have a romantic indoor picnic?

3 Fun indoor activities for couples

1. Couples that cook together, stay together!

The act of cooking with your partner can be a fun, creative and intimate way to bring you closer together. There are loads of online resources for recipes. Why not try cooking something that you have always wanted to try?

2. Romantic Indoor Picnic

One of the top activities for romance is a picnic – but an indoor picnic is even more romantic! Instead of vegging out on the couch together, move the couches aside and lay down a blanket. Put together some cheese, crackers or whatever you have available and enjoy the time together.

3. Make bucket lists 

You will be amazed at how much you can learn about your partner by making bucket lists. Now is the perfect time for reflection and goal planning. Brainstorm all of the things that you have always wanted to do. The things on your list can be anything, from the mundane cake making from scratch, or something as adventurous as bungee jumping!

Drawing Top Indoor Activities for the whole family. chocolates
Character Foldovers

3 Fun indoor activities for kids

1. Indoor Exercise

Are your kids just bursting with extra energy right now? Here’s an idea! Get out a ball, or water bottle filled with water and pass them to each other. How about playing leapfrog? There are lots of online resources for indoor exercises for kids. This will get the heart rate going and those feel-good endorphins will make them feel so much better.

2. Character Foldovers

All you need for this super easy game is paper and pencils, or if you have a printer, you can download our printable foldover game here:

Give everyone a piece of paper or if you’re using our template, give each person a copy. On the top section of the paper, start by drawing the head. It can be a person, an animal or a monsters head – whichever you fancy – it can be as crazy as you like. Then, fold that section back (so that it is hidden). Slide the paper across to the next person. Without looking at the first section, the next person must draw a chest and arms of whatever animal or creature you would like. This section should also be folded back. After this, it is slid to the next person, and they should then raw the stomach and hips, and then on to the last person who then draws the legs and feet. Once all the sections are done – unfold the paper and have a real good laugh!

3. The Why? Because Game

This game is super funny and very entertaining. All you need is a piece of paper and pen/pencils, or you can download our template here:

Start off with each person writing down a question beginning with “Why” for example “Why do dogs bark?”. Once you are done writing down your question, fold it over to hide it. Pass along to the next person who, without looking at the question, writes an answer starting with “Because” for example “Because the earth is round”. Once done, read out loud for some very funny questions and answers…

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