Are you brave enough to try these?

Depending on how brave or adventurous you are, and how much your pallet can handle, you might be willing to try all kinds of weird and wonderful dishes. And there is an entire world full of weird and wonderful things to nibble on out there. Although, you probably think the last place you would find weird and wonderful is chocolate, right? Wrong!

We did some digging and found some of the strangest chocolate combinations out there. Look through our list and let us know what you would be willing to try or have tried.


Mole is a Mexican meat dish that’s served with chocolate and veggies. Now, we know that savoury chocolate is nothing new or strange, but the interesting bit about this dish is the disputes. Some chefs prefer to make a semisweet chocolate and vegetable sauce, while others view the chocolate as merely an accessory ingredient and not one of the main ingredients.

Chocolate calamari soup is another meaty dish that’s taking the world by storm, and it’s surprisingly easy to make.


There is nothing strange about flavouring chocolates with roses or lavender; however, chocolatiers worldwide are experimenting more and more with flowers to create new and wonderful flavours. From chamomile and Japanese cherry blossoms through to white poppies and orchids, no petal will be left unexplored.


People are also looking at vegetables to enhance their chocolate delights from avocado through to sundried tomatoes (yes, we know that tomatoes are technically fruit, but you don’t add it to your fruit salad). You can now find recipes for tomato or broccoli bark, cauliflower chocolate cake and basil leaves dipped in white chocolate. If that doesn’t get the kids to eat their veggies, nothing will.

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