Father’s Day Gift Guide

The ultimate Father’s Day chocolate gift guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’re here to help you get organised way ahead of time, so that the men in your life can open their tastiest gift ever on Sunday 18th June.

For dad the businessman:

Product_Images_FATHERS_DAYGolf_Ball_Set-300x300 Father's Day Gift Guide chocolates

When dad is serious about work during the week and serious about golf on the weekend, then the 3-piece golf ball set will suit him to a “tee”. The golf balls are made with white chocolate and they’re filled with delicious hazelnut paste.

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For the father-in-law

Product_Images_FATHERS_DAYPoker_Night-300x300 Father's Day Gift Guide chocolates

Does the dad-in-law dabble in a little card playing? If he considers himself a bit of a pro when it comes to poker, then the poker night present is perfect! He can munch the Milk chocolate Kruger Rand coins and he gets a pack of cards.

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For the grandfather

0023_BC_8-piece_cherry-600x600-300x300 Father's Day Gift Guide chocolates

The 8-piece cherry liqueur gift is perfect for your kids to give to their grandfather. With 8 pieces he can share with his nearest and dearest, but because it’s dark chocolate and filled with cherry liqueur – this one is just for the adults.

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For the brother

Product_Images_FATHERS_DAYChocolate_Cigar-300x300 Father's Day Gift Guide chocolates

Is your brother celebrating fatherhood? The chocolate cigar is the perfect gift for a big celebration like parenthood! It’s made from the finest milk chocolate with a creamy hazelnut praline. Congratulate him with this deliciously distinctive gift.

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For you

Product_Images_FATHERS_DAYMilk_Chocolate_Mini_Slab-300x300 Father's Day Gift Guide chocolates

If you’re the dad in the house, then we think you should treat yourself to something monumental! The 50-piece milk chocolate mini slab gift is a whole lot of chocolate, but then you’re a whole lot of dad. We know you also like to share, so this will make your kids happy too.

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These are just five of the delicious gifts that Beyers has made especially for Father’s Day, but you can also search through the entire Father’s Day range to find a chocolate that will melt his heart.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

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