On the hunt for the perfect Easter egg

With Easter just around the corner, Beyers Chocolates has launched a delicious new Easter egg that will delight all loyal Sweetie Pie fans – it’s the Sweetie Pie Easter Egg.

Beyers has taken the traditional hollow egg and is treating chocoholics to a surprise that’s found on the inside. What this means is that “Everyone’s favourite soft spot” is now enclosed in a tasty milk chocolate egg.

Sweetie Pie is one of the much-loved brands that fall under Beyers Chocolates and it was relaunched by the company in 2014. The original vanilla is a bestseller for Beyer but as consumer tastes change and the demand for different flavours has increased, it’s inspired the company to explore other flavour sensations and to expand the range.

The Sweetie Pie family has grown to include decadently dark, strawberry, mint, and now the Sweetie Pie Easter Egg.

This line is the first of its kind for the company and they are confident it will be well received as it appeals to the taste of the Sweetie Pie-loving industry.

This Easter the magic happens inside the egg and if you want to get your hands on the Sweetie Pie Easter Egg, visit our online shop or any major retailer.

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