Indulge your taste buds with The Art of Chocolate

Beyers Chocolates unveils their new premium range of luxury chocolates.

Johannesburg, 22 September 2015: Whether you are a chocolate connoiseur, a chocolate lover or just enjoy a good piece of quality chocolate every now and again, everyone has a particular favourite – dark, milk, sweet or bitter. Not only is the flavour of the chocolate important but also the quality – which comes down to the way in which it is made. Quite simply, creating good quality chocolate is a fine art. Beyers Chocolate understands this and therefore they are launching their new premium range of luxury chocolates – aptly called The Art of Chocolate.

Beyers Chocolates is the largest independent manufacturer of boxed chocolate in South Africa, and produces some of the country’s favourite chocolates including Sweetie Pie and the Amarula Range. But many consumers are unaware of the brand, as their chocolates are produced under private label and sub-brands. The Art of Chocolate range is the company’s first own premium range.

Speaking about the new range, Kees Beyers, founder and CEO of Beyers Chocolates, elaborates, “Our current chocolates are performing well and we are so excited to introduce our new range to the market. These chocolates are beautiful, decadent works of confectionery art and the very best we have to offer – a real treat for the true chocolate connoisseur.”

The range will consist of 3 different collections: Shades of Dark (dark chocolates), Heart of Chocolate (milk, dark and white chocolate) and Fantasy of Fudge (a delightful selection of fudge filled chocolates). Each gourmet chocolate is a small masterpiece, handcrafted with passion and expertise. “We have also launched a Shades of Dark Taster Box as well as a Luxury Collection Taster Box, which will be the perfect small treat with 4 chocolates per box,” Kees says.

“We have been producing some of South Africa’s finest chocolates for nearly 30 years. Each chocolate is made with a little bit of heart, and for us, this makes our chocolates taste better. We want to make you fall in love with chocolate, and with Beyers,” he says. The new premium range will hit the shelves in September 2015 at major retailers.

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