Oscar chocolate pairings

How exciting – the Oscars are right around the corner! Will you be spending it all dolled up during the small hours of the night or avoiding all forms of media (and people) until the repeat the next day?

We looked through the nominations and found true masterpieces. And just like everyone out there, we love certain films a little more than others – here are our predictions and favourite chocolate-movie pairings. Let us know if you agree.

Best Picture – Lion

After losing his family in Calcutta when he was five-year-old, Saroo is adopted by an Australian couple that loves him dearly. However, twenty years later, memories of his birth family start to trouble him, and he sets out to find them.

Pairing: Chocolatier’s Classic Collection Box. A film bringing different cultures and people together, how can we not celebrate it with our assorted chocolate box? Enjoy creamy milk chocolate covering almond, sticky caramel and crème brûlée fillings to name but a few of these decadent treats.

Best Animation – Moana

Moana has always loved the sea, even though she’s forbidden by her chieftain father to stray too far. But when the village is troubled by an angry goddess, Moana sets out to find the only person who can set things right – Maui, a mischievous demigod.

Pairing: Fruit Truffle Collection. The film is bright, fun and, best of all, it’s set on an island – perfect for these delightful fruity treats. Orange, strawberry, cherry and raspberry truffles dipped in smooth milk chocolate – what more do you need to feel the island vibes?

Best Director – Manchester by the Sea (Kenneth Lonergan)

After the death of his beloved brother, Lee Chandler returns to his home town to care and comfort his, now orphaned, teenage nephew. While he struggles with his new responsibilities and grief, he remembers why he left in the first place.

Pairing: Apple Pie Slab. Faced with the raw emotion of loss and remembrance, you’ll be craving your gran’s apple pie or chocolate. We’ve done you one better – we give you both! All the best parts of your apple pie smothered in smooth milk chocolate.

Best Foreign Film – Tanna (Australia)

On the Pacific island, Tanna, unrest surfaces as the younger members of two tribes are struggling with the restrictions enforced on them through cultural traditions. Dian and Wawa fight for their love by disappearing into the jungle rather than submitting to their chiefs.

Pairing: Assorted Sweetie Pies. Enjoy mint, strawberry and vanilla pillows on crispy wafers smothered in smooth milk or dark chocolate. When two lovers fight for their right to be together, you’ll need all the Sweetie Pies you can get – we know we did.

Best Music Score – La La Land

A stunning musical focussing on the love and lives of an aspiring actress, Mia, and a jazz pianist, Sebastian. After unexpectedly falling in love, they strive to find a balance between life, success and their love affair.

Pairing: Chocolatier’s Dark Cherry Liqueurs Box. A luxurious film deserves luxurious treats. La La Land is filled with song, dance, drama and romance; the Chocolatier’s Dark Cherry Liqueurs gives you slightly tart cherries in a sweet liqueur syrup encased in a decadent dark chocolate – it’s a match made in heaven.

Best Visual Effects – The Jungle Book

A breathtakingly beautiful live-action remake of the animated classic, The Jungle Book. After the tiger, Shere Khan, threatens ten-year-old Mowgli’s wolf-family, the man-cub sets out to find where he belongs. On his way, he meets colourful characters – some who offers aid and others looking for a snack.

Pairing: Animal Droppings. The film is filled with fun and unexpected turns. We have sweet raisins, crunchy peanuts and crispy shortbread balls all dipped in velvety milk chocolate. Have fun with these animal appropriate sweets, by mixing them all in one bowl and suprising your taste buds with the different textures.

Best Screenplay Adaptation – Hidden Figures

In the early 1960s, NASA turns to three black female mathematicians, later referred to as “human computers”, to aid them in a race against Russia to put a man in space. Their brilliance and ability to fight for their dreams enable them to overcome gender, race and professional biases.

Pairing: Espresso Slab. When gearing up for a difficult task, we drink a big, strong coffee. We just added a little kick to coffee with our sweet, velvety chocolate. And it’s guaranteed when you watch Hidden Figures, you’ll feel as if you’re fighting alongside these women.

Local is Lekker (just cos we can) – Happiness is a Four-Letter Word

Follow four Joburg women as they navigate friendship, love and life in their search for true happiness. This eye-opening film is based on a novel by Cynthia Jele, and will leave you full of appreciation for the friends in your life.

Pairing: You guessed it – Dark Amarula Chocolates. The sweet taste of power, strength and Africa covered in luxurious and smooth dark chocolate. What better way to celebrate being South African?

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Information source: Oscars and IMDB

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