There is always a good reason to have more chocolate

Some people need reasons to indulge their love for chocolate, but here’s the thing – chocolate is its own reason. Ain’t that the truth? Anyhoo, we’re giving you a few reminders of why the best things in life are chocolate.

Out with the old. In the ‘dark ages’, chocolate used to get bad press because of its fat content – but oh happy day, research has shown that the world’s favourite treat has anti-aging effects, reduces oxidative stress, regulates blood pressure, and is “choc-full” of antioxidants. Pass that slab. Now!

Expert opinions. Kees Beyers, Master Chocolatier and MD of Beyers Chocolates eats chocolate every day. Yes, folks – every day! Give that man a Beyers! “It’s all about pacing yourself. Three pieces of chocolate a day is just right. I want sweetness in my life so I keep my body primed for chocolate by maintaining a healthy diet and sticking to my daily running regime” says Beyers.

The dark side. The higher the percentage of cocoa content in a bar of chocolate, the greater the benefits. Look for 70% and above and you’re on the road to being happy and healthy. As Beyers points out, “We’re talking scientific evidence that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, restore flexibility to the arteries, and act as an anti-inflammatory – that’s three good reasons to go over to the dark side.”

Holiday blues. January can be a tricky month – what with peak-time traffic, schlepping the kids to school and trying to get back into the swing of work – moods tend to get a little unstable. Get that mellow feeling flowing in no time with a little help from chocolate – all that phenylethylamine zooming around in your brain will trigger plenty of happy-making endorphins.

Melting flesh. So you indulged a bit over the Festive Season and are now carrying a few pounds around the belly that you’re uncomfortable about. Well, have we got news for you! Chocolate helps you lose weight. Truly. A neuroscientist by the name of Will Clower found that a small square of good chocolate melted on the tongue 20 minutes before a meal will trigger hormones in the brain that tell your body it’s full. The result? You cut down on the amount of food you consume. You gotta love science.

Want to be sure of a steady supply of the world’s perfect food? Just share this information with friends and family. They race off to stock up on quality chocolate, preferably Beyers – and clever you reaps the rewards. Nice one.

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