Top Chocolate Flavour Trends

And the award goes to…..hazelnut, caramel, almond and orange! According to recent studies conducted by FONA International, these four emerged as the top global chocolate flavour trends… after unflavoured chocolate, that is. So plain chocolate is still the number one delight for most of the world’s chocolate lovers. It’s easy to understand why hazelnut and almond flavours are so popular – after all, nuts and chocolate are a marriage made in heaven. An indication of the nut trend is that by February of this year, there were 110 chocolate/hazelnut products launched internationally.

Coffee flavour is rapidly becoming a favourite and coconut and caramel are hot on its heels. Hooked on coffee? Try a few squares of coffee flavoured chocolate for a gentle caffeine buzz.

Dark chocolate is the premier choice for many chocolate fans, boosted no doubt by research findings that show its ability to increase concentration and improve athletic performance.

Environmentally-friendly chocolate is a new trend and is a big “Yes” for chocolate fans focused on healthier options – the demand for organic ingredients has increased rapidly as a result. Since 2012 the international market has seen huge growth in Low/No/Reduced Allergen, Gluten Free and Organic chocolate. See, there really is a chocolate for everyone!

Alcohol flavours are trending at the moment. Recent launches include Limoncello and dark chocolate in Italy, chocolates filled with the sweet herbal Liqueur Beirao in Portugal, and dark chocolate and truffles flavored with Merlot, Pink Champagne and Pinot Noir in the US. Guinness was also featured in two new products launched in the UK and Spain – caramel-filled chocolates and dark chocolate truffles. Cheers, everybody!

Watch this space for the latest Beyers product – it’s all very hush-hush at the moment, but you’ll be the first to know when we launch.

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