What a sweet success!

We are ecstatic to report that the Coffee and Chocolate Expo was a huge success!

It was a perfect expo. The weather was great, the crowd was buzzing with an electric excitement that spilt over to all the presenters, and the treats were heavenly. There was also something to keep everyone entertained. Great local music, coffee from all walks of life, drinks with a bit more kick to warm you up, and of course our favourite chocolates: sweet, bitter, milk, white, caramel, cookies, creamy, dark, truffles, cake – any chocolaty-thing you can imagine.

We are overjoyed to have met and chatted to so many of our fellow choc-lovers. It’s always inspirational to hear first-hand what different people find so appealing about chocolate. Our chocolate demonstrations, where Kees and other magnificent chocolatiers shared their love for chocolate and their amazing (yet easy) chocolate recipes, were a great success. Our chocolate theatre was bursting at the seams as more and more people tried to squeeze in, to get a peak at all the deliciousness that was happening on stage. We are delighted to know that so many houses will share in these tantalising treats.

There is no better feeling (well almost) in the world than when you create something new and it is received with so much joy and enthusiasm. This is how we felt about our new Mint Sweetie Pies. We just couldn’t keep up with the demand and sold out daily. For those of you who did miss out on these minty treats, not to worry, they’ll be in stores nationwide very soon.

It was a spectacular weekend and we would like to thank everyone who visited our stand.

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