Why chocolate is the taste of love

Every year around February we see teddies, hearts and roses hit the shelves, reminding us to give thanks to the people we love. Amongst these gifts and trinkets we also find chocolates. This got us thinking about the topic of love and chocolate, and we came up with a couple reasons why chocolate is the taste of love.

Have a look at our list and let us know if you have anything to add.

  1. Chocolate tastes delicious! And as love brings you joy and warmth, it should be celebrated with deliciousness.
  2. The Aztecs referred to chocolate as the “food of the gods”.
  3. It was believed to be an aphrodisiac.
  4. It’s precious, in some ancient and historic cultures, it was worth as much (if not more) as gold.
  5. It’s a universal symbol of affection, love, luxury, sensuality and passion.
  6. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which enhances our feelings of excitement and pleasure.
  7. Chocolate has cardiovascular health benefits – it’s literally good for your heart.
  8. A box of chocolates is a perfect gift to share amongst loved ones.
  9. It’s tradition. Heart-shaped chocolate boxes have been given to sweethearts since 1861.
  10. In 1770, when Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI, she insisted that her personal chocolatier joins them at Versailles. The “Chocolate Maker to the Queen” concocted chocolate creations to bring strength, calm the nerves and aid digestion.
  11. Chocolate has brought laughter and smiles to people for decades. Just watch this clip of the most celebrated episodes of I Love Lucy.
  12. Just like love, chocolate comes in all shapes, sizes and flavours.

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