Why is chocolate a perfect gift?

Have you ever stopped to think about why you give someone chocolate? Because it’s delicious and simple, right? It’s true that they taste amazing, but the gift of chocolate is anything but simple. We would like to share with you why chocolates make such a special gift.

It’s good for you

Chocolate is packed full of feel-good endorphins that make you feel even happier than when you kiss someone. Depending on how much you eat, it’s good for your cardiovascular health. And it’s been found that by eating some dark chocolate every day (about 40g), you can extend your life and assist your weight management.


It’s velvety, smooth, rich, and sweet – its very nature speaks of luxury. Even the ancient Mayans used cocoa beans as a currency, so you know it’s valuable. A beautifully packed box of handmade chocolate truffles not only tastes delicious but it looks classy as well, adding that sense of value to the gift. And by choosing a specific box for someone, it shows that you actually took the time to think about what they would enjoy, which makes the gift that much more meaningful.

An array of flavours

Chocolate has something for the sweet-lovers and those of us who are sweet enough. From caramel, cookies and cream, and apple pie fillings to coffee, brandy and chilly flavoured chocolates, it truly caters for any taste. Whether your lucky giftee likes nuts, fruit, plain, white, milk or dark chocolate, you will find a treasure that’s perfect for them.

All shapes and sizes

From chocolate drops to huge Father Christmases, there is no shape chocolate cannot take. Even better if you’re looking for a small personal gift or something for the whole family, there is a chocolate box out there with your name on it.

Any occasion

Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s Day, long days, Boss’s Day, Father’s Day, or happy days – you name the day and chocolate will be the perfect gift for you. And best of all, chocolate doesn’t come with an age restriction. It doesn’t matter if someone is five, fifty or five hundred (maybe in dog years), everybody loves well-made, quality chocolates.

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